Benchmarking State and District Performance on Rural Sanitation in India
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Reporting Wizard
You can benchmark the performance of different states and districts at different times and based on different indicators. The final output may be viewed as a table, chart, map or a pdf report.

The Reporting Wizard offers you tools to benchmark the performance of states and districts and create maps, graphs, tables or reports to present results.

For each type of output, you can choose:
. the location (states, union territories and districts, all or selected)
. the timeframe (select any month, quarter, six months or year from 2002 to present)
. the indicators (standard Benchmarking indicators or Non - Benchmarking indicators )
. the format (table, map, chart, report) which can be viewed online or exported to excel or converted to pdf
Select States to compare all States and Union Territories of India. Alternatively, Select Districts to compare all Districts in one state, across multiple States or all Districts of India.                                                                                                                                              Explanation of Scoring
You may see the comparative performance of the selected locations as on end of a ‘Month’ or for a ‘Quarter’ or ‘Six Month’ period or for a ‘Year’. You may also compare two periods.
Select Quarter
‘Benchmarking’ shows the total score for each location based on selected key indicators. ‘Individual indicator’ scores can be seen by selecting that indicator. Explanation of Scoring
Select Indicator Type
Select Indicator
Please select one of the available formats to generate the output.
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